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I am a newly-retired Middle and High School Vocal Music teacher. I’ve known Greg Shaffer for slightly over 30 years. He was the regular piano technician for my school for most of those thirty years. He totally rebuilt two Mason & Hamlin vintage grand pianos for us. In addition, he has tuned my home pianos almost all of those thirty years. He recommended and sold me an Astin-Weight upright grand, which, after ten years I traded in to him for a beautiful PianoDisc Empire grand, built by Young Chang. Greg introduced me to the PianoDisc system and made sure I was up and running on it, including recording and editing music on my Mac.
Through those years, Greg became a great friend, teacher and mentor on all things piano-related, and patient answerer of my technical, historical and musical questions. He is the finest tuner I’ve ever had, tuning by ear, and being knowledgeable about voicing, mechanics, repair and piano maintenance. He just installed a Dampp-Chaser System into my grand. I’m lucky to have found him at the start of my teaching tenure, and even luckier to have made a friend with such extraordinary talent at his craft.”

– Michael D.

I would be remiss if I did not let you know how pleased my piano teacher is with the work Greg did on my instrument. She exults over its sound now. So thanks, again for his good work.”

– Isabella H.

During the twenty years I have owned my beautiful baby grand piano, I have had many people tune it and make minor adjustments to the action, but until I met Greg Shaffer, I never really knew that there was a difference between a piano tuner and a technical artist. And that is exactly what Greg is – an artist. Over the years he completed some very complicated and detailed work on my piano, in addition to always tuning it to perfection. Since we moved out of state, I am faced with the necessity of finding a new technician. If I could afford to fly Greg down here to continue his loving and expert care of my instrument, I would do it in a heartbeat.”

– Susan L.

What can I say? The man is a genius. Four tuners I have out to my house since I bought my piano. Four tuners have I explained my piano problems to. And four tuners have failed to fix it. Not Greg. He diagnosed the problem in about two minutes flat, then even went so far as to call the dealer and talk them into paying for the repairs. Like I said, genius! Congrats. I am now a loyal customer and will sing your praises to anybody who will listen.”

– Angela C.

Greg gave me the most Awesome advice when I was debating to spend the money on a new piano for our son who had been taking piano lessons and playing for about 3 years. He came to tune our old piano (which we had gotten for free) that was past its musical life. I was asking him about what kind of piano we should consider, knowing we have limited funds. He told me this –
The saddest thing I’ve ever heard someone say (and I’ve heard this too many times over the years) is, “I’m so glad I didn’t buy a new piano for my son/daughter, because they lost interest after a couple of years!” Greg told me that it’s right around the 2-3 year mark that new piano players start to get onto a good path, and can start getting frustrated with an instrument that isn’t working properly. He said getting a good piano at this 2-3 year mark would be a great gift for my son that would steer him onto a lifetime love of playing piano.
We decided to invest in a good upright piano. WOW!, was Greg ever right! Our son flocks to the piano every single day! No kidding, he plays on his own will every single day now. He plays on it; he practices on it; he has FUN with it! He has made a huge leap in his playing ability just in the past 4 months since we got the new piano. We are all enjoying this investment more that we could have ever imagined! I am so grateful to Greg for his advice! Thank You!

– Christa T.

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