Keeping Colorado Pianos in tune

Expert Piano Tuning & Servicing for over 40 years

We make music beautiful,

so you can make beautiful music.

Proudly delivering all of your piano needs since 1975. Family run and family owned, Denver Piano Service is dedicated to keeping your pianos in tune and in mint condition. We partner with our customers for the lifetime of their piano.

Top Piano Services


88 notes, 220 strings, all tuned by ear by an experienced Piano Technician with 40+ years of experience.


Sticking keys, sluggish keys and broken parts, all repaired quickly and professionally.


Adjusting your piano’s action to factory specifications for optimum performance.


Wanting to change your sound? Need it Brighter or Softer? Voicing is the answer.


Have an Heirloom you want to save? Our Restoration shop can make your piano like new!

Appraisals & Estimates

Need an insurance appraisal? Want an estimate for repair? Selling your piano? We can help.

Pianos tuned for your life.


Dedicated Service

Interested in learning more about your piano and how you can take better care of it? Visit our blog The Piano Wall for more information.

Years of Tuning Pianos By Ear

Your piano partner for the life of your piano.

Your piano is more than an instrument, it is memories, it is talent, it is a treasure. We want to make sure that you get to enjoy the full lifespan of your piano. That’s our promise.

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